Is IV Infusion an untapped market
in Your community ?

Intravenous hydration and nutrient therapy have been used in mainstream medicine for over 50 years. In recent years, more people around the world have begun to recognize the importance of wellness – a trend which has become increasingly popular year after year. The ease of administration and overall effectiveness versus the oral alternative makes this the new gold standard for supplementation. Until recently, therapies as such were always dictated by medical professionals and administered in hospitals. But, Wellness is about making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining one’s well-being both physically and mentally and Revive has set out to accomplish just that! Founded in 2017, with a mission to improve quality of life through mainstream, affordable, and quality care Revive has expanded nationwide and will have over 10 clinics by the end of 2019. Revive is becoming the fastest growing wellness clinic franchise in the nation by ushering in a new era of mainstream credibility and successfully introducing the future of wellness as time becomes ever more of the essence in people’s daily lives.  

Initial Investment & Start Up Cost

Franchise Fee

An important part of the Revive investment opportunity is the franchise fee. All franchises have what is called a franchise fee. We have seen some that range from $100,000 even up to $200,000. Ours is $60,000 and with that, you get the right to do business, trademark and logo, the owner’s manual of operations, and a whole lot more! The total cost ranges from $180,000-$340,000 with our initial investment being around $60,000-$65,000.

Liquid Capital

Liquid capital is an asset that is readily convertible. Liquid capital is an important determinant of whether or not the business will be financially stable until it begins to turn a profit. In order to open a Revive franchise, you must have a minimum of $65,000 in liquid capital.

Total Investment

As a Revive new franchisee, you can expect an approximate total investment of $180,000 to $340,000. This includes the $60,000 franchise fee. Investment costs include everything you will need to have your store fully operational – including furniture, fixtures, equipment, software, and more!

Revive Royalty Incentive Program

Every franchise owner pays a monthly fee called a royalty fee. Typically, it is a flat 9%.

While Opening A Franchise Can Be A Fantastic Investment Opportunity, Franchisees Will Need Sufficient Funding For A Successful Launch. Below Are Some Of The Costs You Can Expect To Invest In Order To Get Your revive Franchise Off The Ground.

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Ready to bring The Revive franchise to your community?

Once you submit your information, you will receive an email that will give you detailed information about our brand, as well as the requirements to franchise with Revive. A member of Revive’s franchising staff will reach out to you by phone. The first call usually lasts just a few minutes and gives us a chance to introduce ourselves to one another and address initial questions.

frequently asked questions

Do I Have to Be In The Medical Field?

No, you do not need to be a doctor to own a Revive franchise. Revive is an elite medical clinic, on the forefront of cutting-edge hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging protocols, stem cell therapy, sexual health and wellness, and weight management. Although wellness clinics are becoming increasingly popular, most have a “one size fits all” approach.  Revive is anything but a run of the mill clinic, our medical practice treats every patient as a unique individual, addressing their specific needs. 

We offer patients the latest advances in medical science with the absolute best results. Our core focus is total hormone optimization. We go far beyond simply “spot treating” hormone deficiency, and work with each patient to achieve complete hormonal perfection by creating the perfect plan for everyone. Our practice caters to patients who strive for excellence and demand the very best. At its core, Revive is an easy-to-scale, membership-based franchise model. True, 100% of our care is administered by experienced and licensed Doctors and Nurses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in this fast-growing and potentially lucrative business if you are a business investor who sees the opportunity.


What Makes a Good Location?

  Revive’s clinics are placed in bustling shopping centers that have heavy foot traffic, ideal parking, and the brands that the community loves to visit. It is not a guessing game; Revive takes a unique approach in selecting the best locations for its clinics. One of the key benefits of franchising with Revive is that our clinics require a small footprint and are easy to construct and build out. Once the perfect location is selected, a new clinic can be open in about eight weeks, pending approvals from local governments. In short, the ease and the speed of which a new clinic can be opened can potentially quicken your return on investment.

The small footprint also helps make Revive an easy business to run. Upon opening, only a small staff of three to four employees (including Doctors) is required. There is low overhead and a small amount of inventory to manage.

With the total investment estimate to begin operations on a new clinic ranging from $180,000 to $340,000, Revive is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. Because our build-out costs are substantially lower than other brands in the healthcare segment, Revive offers a quicker ramp-up time, which allows for a potentially faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your first chiropractic franchise is $60,000. 

How Much Revenue is expected?

“How much money can I make?” This is the most common question an entrepreneur will have when looking at a new investment opportunity. You want to know if your new venture will be successful, how fast you can recoup your investment and if the brand has a business model that will allow you to scale. The success of Revive is the result of a proven business model. Doctors choose Revive because Revive’s membership model does away with the need for insurance companies and because their accessible locations allow them the opportunity to not only treat more patients but to focus entirely on helping their patients heal.

Entrepreneurs choose Revive because it is an easy business to run, quick to scale up to multi-unit locations, and is an opportunity to own a business that provides a much needed and meaningful service in their communities. Your actual results will vary — average is just that, average. As we grow, so does our brand awareness and we believe the future is bright for our rapidly growing brand.

Current Franchise Locations