Why Revive Is The Best IV Vitamin Clinic In Palm Beach Gardens

Revive Therapy and Wellness is the best IV clinic in Palm Beach Gardens. We are the best in IV vitamin hydration therapy. Our bodies need to be hydrated. Most of the time athletes are most affected when it comes to dehydration. They get to lose a lot of water in the process. Hence they are advised to drink a lot of water.

But most people are not aware that human digestive system does not absorb all of the fluids and nutrients consumed. That's why IV therapy is recommended because it sends fluids and nutrients faster in the bloodstream. Revive IV therapy we have physicians who are certified, professionals in clinical science and nutrition and supplements experts. Therefore our patients are assured of a safe, effective and time-saving way to get the IV therapy.


At Revive IV, we offer hormone replacement therapy. It is as simple as.

  • Take a visit to our clinic.
  • One of our practitioners takes you through a physical consultation.
  • You go through a blood panel where the hormones, liver, thyroid, enzymes and basic metabolic functions are checked.
  • Our medical staff takes you through a thorough care plan.
  • We have patients coordinators who get to follow up on our patients after the treatment to know whether they are feeling well.

We ensure that our patients leave happy and healthy.


Revive IV clinic is the best clinic when it comes to IV therapies. We offer a variety of IV therapies:

  • Revive signature.
  • Chelation IV.
  • Brain RX IV.
  • Immune defense IV.
  • Mineral IV.
  • Fat loss IV.
  • Healthy pregnancy IV.
  • Surgery recovery.
  • PMS Cure.
  • Antiaging IV.
  • Extreme detox IV.
  • Hydration IV.
  • Energy recharge IV.
  • Part Prep IV.
  • Athlete Prep IV.
  • Hangover rescue IV.
  • Calm IV.
  • Extreme fat loss IV.
  • Weekly vitamin IV.
  • Sleep IV.
  • Immune boost IV


It is only at Revive IV clinic that we offer shots &boosters. We have the following:

  • B12 booster.
  • This is a booster that turns food into energy.
  • Helps in a stronger immune system.
  • Provides energy and great for metabolism boost.
  • Great for healthier skin and muscles.
  • Antioxidant Booster.
  • It protects the body from toxic invaders.
  • Super skinny booster.
  • Taken in between drips.
  • Ensure that the unwanted fat in the body is burnt out.


We are the best clinic when it comes to offering intramuscular vitamins and supplements. Oral medication of vitamins and amino acids is not effective as much because they're not fully absorbed by the blood. But when injected there is adequate absorption hence a higher dose of nutrients. Revive IV we have specialists that offer nutraceutical therapy that ensure the well being of the patients, good health and also fights anti-aging.

Revive health &wellness clinic is the place to visit for all patients. Frequent headaches, fatigue, always hungry, Lyme disease, low energy, heart diseases, want to improve your circulation, improve your blood flow, improve your focus, improve your memory, remove toxins, we are here for you. We also have a great spa environment for our patients for them to feel comfortable and a place.

It takes less than 45 minutes to replenish your health hence saving time. Our infusions are manufactured in the USA and independently tested. They are isotonic, osmolar, magnetized, alkaline and administered by a certified nurse. Welcome to the best and most recommended clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Revive IV clinic.