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Nutritional Information:
  • ✓ Premium Whey+Casein Blend †
  • ✓ Ultra-Pure Milk Protein Isolate †
  • ✓ Premium WPC-80 †
  • ✓ Low Fat †
  • ✓ Carb Friendly †
  • ✓ Taste the Quality †
  • ✓ Select the Best † 
  • ✓ Gluten Free †

Whey and Casein UNITED


We already know that whey protein spikes muscle protein synthesis while casein protein creates an anti-catabolic trickle of amino acids, a complementary combination that should be taken at the same time. But in addition to this, whey protein and casein protein each have their own unique bioactive subfractions and growth factors which work in concert when they're taken together.


This is why I was so pissed when I saw the research... we've been shortchanging ourselves for years. I don't just want something better than whey... I want the best.


The 2005 International Whey Conference concluded that a mixture of whey + casein is the optimal form of protein for gaining muscle mass. That's right, even at a whey conference, the researchers found that 100% whey is not the answer!


So if a synergistic whey-casein protein blend is the optimal blend for building muscle, what do you think SELECT Protein brings you? That's right: A whey-casein blend.